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INTRODUCTION गानस्य परिचयः

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There is a general perception that poetry in Sanskrit (Saṃskṛtam) is mainly about ślokās/ chants and religious verses. The fact is, there exists a segment of poetry in Sanskrit (Saṃskṛtam) which is simple in nature and dwells on secular topics like Nature, motherhood, patriotism and the like. The objective of this music project is to reveal this aspect, this treasure-trove of ideas/ poems to the public and thus popularise the language even further.

Penned by distinguished scholars of Sanskrit (Saṃskṛtam) and set to soulful music that covers folk, Tibetan, traditional Carnatic and Hindustani styles, the songs are sure to find a resonance with the public.

The project-team has specially focused on the quality of production. Distinguished singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Sujatha, Madhu Balakrishnan, Harini, Kalpana Raghavendar, Aruna Sairam, Ramesh Vinayakam & Karthika lend their voices to the songs.

It is indeed heartening to note that renowned actor padmaśrīḥ Dr. Mohanlal ji lends his voice for an introduction in Sanskrit (Saṃskṛtam).

Being a project that focusses on handing over these songs to posterity and dissemination, we have also included the context that leads to each song, the lyrics in devanāgari, the transliteration to Roman script as per IAST, word to word meaning in English and the meaning in poetic form.

To summarise, this project is an endeavour by like-minded people who are passionate about giving back to the world the rich cultural heritage of Sanskrit (Saṃskṛtam).

Introduction to the Song गानस्य परिचयः

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LYRICS/TRANSLATION देवनागर्यां गीतपाठः, IAST विधया रोमकलिप्या परिवर्तनम्, आंगलपद्यानुवादः

Word to Word Meaning आंगले प्रतिपदम् अर्थकथनम्

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