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INTRO TOTHE PROJECT परियोजनायाः परिचयः

Whosoever said that Saskṛtam (Sanskrit) is only for the initiated scholars and about religious verses alone, move over!

It would be interesting to note that Saskṛtam (Sanskrit) was spoken in Bhāratam by its populace during the golden eras, under its illustrious Kings.

Such was the ease of the language that many used it prodigiously to fill the role of the mundane as well as the sublime!

In line with the erstwhile status of this highly refined language as a widely accepted one, Saskṛta Bhāratī has ventured to bring to the public, a reminiscence of the golden era, a taste of how Saskṛtam (Sanskrit) had ruled the roost with much élan with not just its wealth of literature in the realm of spiritual knowledge but on secular topics as well!

To this end, a delectable bouquet of poems has been presented in musical form on topics ranging from Nature, motherhood, love for one’s nation and the like.

Penned, composed, sung and performed by artistes of acclaim, the songs take us through a journey of awakening, of realization on how language and music blend perfectly well to sustain and nourish us not just with our thoughts, but our life as a whole!